Becoming an Affiliate Member

Prospective AICUO Affiliate members must have engaged in business with at least one of the AICUO member institution and have earned a reputation for quality and ethical business practice.

To be considered for Affiliate Membership, businesses and organizations must:

  • Provide goods and or services to at least one AICUO member institution;
  • Receive an endorsement from at least one of our institutions attesting to the high quality of the organization's business practices and services;
  • Affirm AICUO's Code of Ethics, developed by the Affiliate Member Advisory Panel to promote ethical business practices;
  • Receive affirmation by the AICUO Affiliate Member Advisory Panel, made up of university business leaders and respected scholars of business ethics on member campuses; and
  • Support the work of the Association through membership fees and activities.

Annual membership must be affirmed through ongoing endorsement by at least one member institution and the Affiliate Member Advisory Panel.

Application Process

Prospective Affiliate members should:

  • Complete the membership application form and indicate on that form the name of at least one individual from one member institution who can affirm from direct experience the applicant's best business practices. In signing this form you commit your business to abide by the AICUO Code of Ethics.
  • Submit these materials to the Association (;
  • The Association will contact the AICUO member institution representative named on your application form and request that they complete an Affiliate Membership Endorsement;
  • Your application will then be submitted to the Affiliate Member Advisory Panel for their review and action. You will be informed directly by the Association of the action taken.

Approved new Affiliate members will be sent an invoice for the annual membership fee.